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Labony Super Marker, Sapahar, BD


Welcome to the Arts District Cannabis experience. Here, we don’t just sell high-quality cannabis – we create an artistic, inclusive atmosphere that gives a whole new color to your palette. In addition to experiencing our diverse range of premium cannabis products, there are many other exciting activities you can take part in, one such being ‘The Art Shop’.

The Art Shop: A Collective Mastery

At the Art Shop , you can dive into a fascinating creative journey. Here, you can find everything from stunning local art pieces for sale to various collaborative events where local artists can showcase their masterpieces and even art workshops organised regularly. Be it painting or pottery, you’re bound to find something that catches your artist’s eye. Consider this as your local gateway to the arts.

Art Workshops and Gallery Visits: Unleash your Inner Picasso

Arts District Cannabis also hosts regular art workshops and gallery visits. These fun-filled, exploratory fields offer a unique opportunity to develop and enhance your artistic skills alongside like-minded enthusiasts. From sketching and painting classes, modern abstract work to classical arts, you’ll find workshops catering to various styles and skill levels. Visit our website to stay updated with the latest workshop schedules and registration process.

Collaboration Space: Fuel your Creative Connections

Furthermore, we understand that ideas flourish even better when there’s a communal spirit. Our specially designated collaboration spaces serve as an excellent platform for artists to work together, learn from each other and form a thriving, supportive artistic community. Arts District Cannabis is not just a company, it’s a movement promoting creative expression bound by the shared love for art and high-quality cannabis. Come, be a part of our journey and let your creativity soar!