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Cannabis Workforce Management

Wurk offers a comprehensive workforce management solution tailored specifically for the cannabis industry. It streamlines processes such as scheduling, time tracking, and labor compliance, ensuring efficient operations and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Human Capital Management for Dispensary

  • Wurk’s human capital management features include employee onboarding, training, and performance management.
  • These tools help dispensaries attract, develop, and retain top talent while maintaining compliance.

Dispensary Compliance

Compliance is a critical aspect of the cannabis industry. Wurk’s solutions ensure adherence to state and federal regulations by automating processes such as:

  1. Tracking employee certifications and licenses
  2. Monitoring compliance violations
  3. Generating audit-ready reports

Dispensary Workforce Management & Cannabis Software Fiduciary Advisor

As a fiduciary advisor, Wurk provides guidance on leveraging its cannabis software solutions for efficient workforce management in dispensaries. This includes optimizing scheduling, streamlining payroll processes, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and industry regulations.

Cannabis Compliance & Cannabis Software

Wurk’s cannabis software is designed to meet the unique compliance needs of the industry. It offers features such as seed-to-sale tracking, inventory management, and reporting capabilities to help dispensaries maintain regulatory compliance throughout their operations.

Dispensary Timekeeping ∴ Fiduciary Advisor for Dispensary ∴ Dispensary Payroll Reporting

As a fiduciary advisor, Wurk guides dispensaries in implementing accurate timekeeping and payroll reporting solutions. These tools ensure proper wage calculations, overtime tracking, and compliance with labor laws, minimizing the risk of costly penalties and legal issues.