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Labony Super Marker, Sapahar, BD


Morning Preparations

As the sun rises over Las Cruces, I begin my day at P37 Cannabis, a leading medical marijuana dispensary serving the local community and surrounding areas. After arriving at our store, I start by checking our inventory and ensuring all products are properly labeled and stored.

Opening the Doors

At 9 AM sharp, we open our doors to a diverse clientele from Las Cruces, Fairacres, Mesilla, and beyond. As a budtender, my primary responsibility is to assist customers in finding the right products for their needs, whether they’re seeking relief from medical conditions or looking for recreational options.

Customer Interactions

Throughout the day, I engage with a variety of customers:

  • Medical patients seeking specific strains for pain relief
  • First-time recreational users looking for guidance
  • Experienced consumers interested in our latest products

Each interaction is an opportunity to educate and inform, ensuring that everyone leaves P37 Cannabis with the right products and knowledge to use them responsibly.

Afternoon Rush

As the day progresses, we often see an increase in foot traffic. Customers from Dona Ana, Mesilla Park, and even San Miguel make the trip to our dispensary. It’s during these busy periods that our team’s efficiency and knowledge are put to the test.

Inventory Management

Between serving customers, I assist with inventory management. This includes restocking shelves, updating our online menu, and communicating with suppliers to ensure we always have a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products available.

Closing Time

As we approach closing time, I help clean and organize the dispensary, ensuring everything is in order for the next day. Before leaving, our team has a brief meeting to discuss the day’s events and plan for tomorrow.

Working at P37 Cannabis – Las Cruces is more than just a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a growing industry that’s making a positive impact on people’s lives. Whether we’re serving medical patients or recreational users, our goal remains the same: to provide top-quality cannabis products and exceptional customer service to our community.