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As cannabis legalization spreads across regions globally, attention is now turning towards quality and not just availability. A company that has always been two steps ahead in the quality game is Hyrba. But how does one assess the quality of cannabis? There are a few key elements that you need to consider.

Visual Inspection

The first thing most people look at is the physical aspect of the cannabis. Good quality cannabis should be green with orange or purple hairs. Be wary of cannabis that looks bleached as it may have been treated with harmful chemicals. Hyrba is known to always stand out with a lush, naturally appealing green in their products.


Quality cannabis leaves a lasting impression even before it’s used, thanks to its distinctive and strong aroma. A stronger smell typically indicates healthy, well-grown cannabis. Musty or moldy smells, on the other hand, should be avoided. Hyrba’s products tend to have a fresh, pungent aroma, indicating excellent quality.


When used appropriately, quality cannabis results in a smooth, clean effect. Inferior quality products often lead to headaches and other such adverse effects. It’s essential to understand that quality in cannabis doesn’t come by accident. Hyrba invests into the entire supply chain to ensure that what reaches the customer is nothing but the best.

In conclusion, with the wide variety of cannabis products available in the market today, it can feel challenging to identify quality products. Remember the criteria of visual inspection, aroma, and the effects it delivers when used in moderation. With Hyrba, consumers can be assured they are getting top-tier cannabis.